Rabbit & Ferret Care

Exotic pets deserve high-quality, compassionate veterinary care in Phoenix too. At North Central Animal Hospital, two of our Phoenix veterinarians are proud to provide veterinary care for exotic pets, including rabbits and ferrets. If you have a rabbit or ferret, you need a Phoenix veterinarian with experience and special knowledge about their unique breed. Our exotic vets welcome all feisty ferrets and binkying bunnies to sign up as new patients today.


Caring for Rabbits and Ferrets With Your Phoenix Veterinarian

You want your pet to live a long and healthy life, whatever species they happen to be. If your Phoenix pet is a rabbit or ferret, that means you need to learn some unique lessons about proper care for your burrowing breed. After diagnosing and treating common but preventable conditions for years, we know that most rabbit and ferret health problems stem from problems in one of these areas:

Diet – Ferrets are carnivores that need sufficient servings of animal protein and fat, while rabbits are herbivores who need fresh herbs and vegetables, supplemental pellets, and constant access to hay every day. We'll help you make sure your pet's nutritional needs are met, including the right ratios, portion sizes, feeding times, and serving methods. Allergen or toxin exposure, over-feeding, under-feeding, and too much sugar may all lead to debilitating health problems.

Exercise – Just like cats, dogs, and humans, rabbits and ferrets need regular exercise to maintain their physical and mental wellbeing. Lack of exercise can lead to sore hocks for rabbits and bladder or urinary problems for ferrets and rabbits alike. We recommend large pens or structures with plenty of room to move around, as well as frequent playtimes and constant access to stimulating toys and activities.

Behavior Modification – Rabbits and ferrets both have natural tendencies that tend to clash with domestic households. Our Phoenix veterinarians are here to help you understand your pet's natural urges, such as digging, chewing, or exploring, and channel them into productive activities and safe spaces.   

Our Ferret or Rabbit Vet

Rabbits are the third most common house pet in the United States, but unfortunately, there are many myths and misunderstandings about proper rabbit care. At North Central Animal Hospital, we want to bridge the gap in proper rabbit care by providing attentive, compassionate care for every stage of your rabbit's life, continuously checking for common problems. We spay and neuter rabbits to reduce their health and behavioral risks, perform annual examinations to keep track of each rabbit's condition, and offer specialized dental care for rabbits with overgrown or floating teeth.  

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Dr. Frank is our exotic veterinarian in Phoenix, and Dr. Thomas is currently getting her credentials to specialize in exotic companion mammals too. Both veterinarians have experience with ferrets as well, and if you live in the Phoenix area, we look forward to treating your ferret. These curious, high-energy pets thrive with exercise time, comfortable and dark sleeping arrangements, and other ferret care essentials. Contact us today!


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