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Melissa F.Melissa F.

Phoenix, AZ

 friends  1 review

5.0 star rating   5/6/2013

I was very satisfied with my experience at this clinic and I will be returning. I called in the morning for puppy vaccines and was able to get a same day appointment. The staff was very informative when I asked questions(we are 1st time puppy owners). Staff was courteous and friendly! Did not get to meet the Dr., but maybe that will happen the next time I bring Chuckie for an Exam.

Gina W.Gina W.

Surprise, AZ

3 friends  1 review

5.0 star rating


I am happy and satisfied with the treatment my albino cockatiel is receiving from Dr. Frank.

Jared E.Jared E.

Phoenix, AZ

 friends  1 review

5.0 star rating


Dr. Frank is very compassionate and clearly knowledgeable about ferrets. Also, the cost of treatment options was very transparent. Follow-up appointment tomorrow.

Alyssa A.Alyssa A.

Sun City, AZ

 friends  2 reviews

5.0 star rating


My parents were out of town and I went to check on their tortoises and noticed one had a very runny nose. I was concerned as she is old. It was a Sunday and North Central Animal Clinic was open and scheduled me an appointment. 
I was given instructions on how to give the antibiotic injections every 2 days, everyone we encountered was friendly.

Kc B.Kc B.

Phoenix, AZ

 friends  1 review

5.0 star rating   12/7/2014

My girl friend and I always bring our dragons here whenever they need anything! The staff truly knows what they are talking about and you can tell they genuinely care... They always put the animal's health first and have gone out of their way for our dragons to make sure they are okay! I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to bring your pet here!

Katie K.Katie K.

Phoenix, AZ

 friends  1 review

5.0 star rating   12/7/2014  Updated review

My girl friend and I always bring our dragons here whenever they need anything! The staff truly knows what they are talking about and you can tell they genuinely care... They always put the animal's health first and have gone out of their way for our dragons to make sure they are okay! I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to bring your pet here!

5.0 star rating   10/30/2014  Previous review

We took our dragon here based on the reviews we saw and they were correct!  This place is a great place to bring any animal!  The staff was nothing but welcoming and reassured us that our dragon will be ok and gave us the correct medication that made her better right away!  I would HIGHLY recommend coming here!!!

Belynda T.Belynda T.

Phoenix, AZ

 friends  1 review

5.0 star rating   11/23/2014

We had just purchased a cockatiel, and we wanted to get it examined by an avian vet doctor as soon as possible.  We were able to get an appointment with NCAH the next day, and on the weekend.  From the beginning, the staff was welcoming, kind, and compassionate.  The visit was informative and Dr. Thomas was able to answer all our questions and concerns of owning a bird.  They provided a treatment plan (tests) that are suggested in determining the overall health our bird.  We did not feel at all pressured to complete any of the services.  I would recommend NCAH for care of our feathered friends.

Sharon D.Sharon D.

  • Phoenix, AZ
  •  friends  5 reviews

5.0 star rating   11/15/2014

What a great place! First visit was with a friend and was so impressed, I came back with my dogs. They are kind and caring. They took their time with my male Lab and even played with him a bit. No vet fear for my dogs. : )

Emily G.Emily G.

Phoenix, AZ

 friends  1 review

5.0 star rating   11/1/2014

My chihuahua was bit in the ear and I just moved to town for school. I needed an emergency vet and North Central Animal Hospital went out of their way to fit me in first thing in the morning with a busy schedule! They even made sure I was able to make it to school on time and were prompt and thorough with my beloved pups treatment. The vet tech is super nice guy as well as the Dr. Ivy Thomas and staff! Mid week my pup was still having pain and they made sure to prescribe her meds to get her through till the follow up apt. Really this vet clinic is a class act and are up front about costs which are also very reasonable.  They don't push you into anything and just want whats best for your animal.  I will def be using them again! Thanks again, Emily!

Deborah C.Deborah C.

Phoenix, AZ

 friends  1 review

5.0 star rating   10/13/2014

As a first time visitor to the North Central Animal Hospital I was very impressed with the thoroughness and care they took with my Cockatoo.  After a complete review of our bird's injuries Dr. Frank offered several options for the care of our bird that would work within our budget and still ensure the birds healthy recovery.  The staff was very pleasant and accommodating and I would highly recommend them.

Elle M.Elle M.

  • Sedona, AZ
  •  friends  1 review

5.0 star rating   6/26/2014

I am so grateful to have been directed to a place that specializes in Birds, especially in a critical situation. There were no specialists in our area that could take care of a Macaw; worth the drive for the best possible care. Thank You North Central Animal Hospital!!!!

Maria P.

Tom P.

  • Chandler, AZ
  •  friends  1 review

5.0 star rating   5/12/2014

Great friendly service for our flock of birds! Wouldn't take them anywhere else!!

Our African Grey, Checco was having problems picking his feathers. A full lab of blood work was performed with good results. After a number of recommended changes, he has stopped picking and is on his way back to full feather!!

Maria P.Maria P.

  • Phoenix, AZ
  •  friends  2 reviews

5.0 star rating   11/3/2013

I have taken my three cats that all have FIV here for the past four year.  Any time my cats needed to be seen they always were attentive and friendly.  I work close by so if I need to drop them off in the morning and pick them up after work it know my fuzzy friends will be taken care of.  They have special deals and always help when you need information.  I love it that they are open on the weekends.  Overall loving and caring place!

Tracy M.Tracy M.

  • Phoenix, AZ
  •  friends  1 review

5.0 star rating   6/20/2013

I recently moved to Arizona from California and was very nervous about having to find another veterinarian to care for my 9 year old pug Mushu. I found North Central Animal Hospital and made an appointment for her annual vaccinations. The office was friendly and compassionate; they made me feel comfortable and confident of their ability to properly treat Mushu. They contacted her previous veterinarian to verify her medical records before proceeding with the vaccinations and they understood my anxiety at having to go to a new office. I was impressed with the treatment I observed of the other pets that visited the office when I was there and I would highly recommend North Central Animal Hospital to anyone with a pet.

Shar W.Shar W.

  • Laveen, AZ
  •  friends  4 reviews

5.0 star rating   5/12/2013

Impressed with the compassion and care my pet received. Am going to start bringing ALL of my pets here. 

Had a very sick 2 month old rabbit. I arrived an hour earlier than my appointment because I was very concerned. They put me right into a room. As I was filling out my new patient paperwork, 2 different people came in to make sure she was stable during that time. They were kind and truly cared about my rabbit, were very knowledgeable and worked around MY BUDGET, and we were able to come up with an affective treatment plan. She is doing very well! I highly recommend this place. I will be taking all 7 of my various pets her from now on. -sharlynne

Kim K.Kim K.

  • Phoenix, AZ
  •  friends  8 reviews

5.0 star rating   4/23/2013

Dr. Franks and her staff have been very helpful with my cats Monkee and Squirrel. Monkee is a "problem" cat (horribly destructive) and Dr. Frank spent a lot of effort helping me figuring out what was medically wrong with him and what was behavioral. Then she helped me make a plan for what to do. The staff called and made sure I knew I had appointments and were very professional. It is great they have weekend hours.

Alma S.Alma S.

  • Phoenix, AZ
  •  friends  1 review

5.0 star rating   4/2/2013

All I have to say is that they are great! 4 of my dogs are seen there and they are always nice to me and my pets. One of my dogs had to have a massive amount of dental work done and they were great by making me feel calm. I also love the fact that they give you a call back the next day to see how your pet is doing. They were also great about answering all the questions I had. I feel like my pets are in good hands when I bring them here. I will definitely be coming back here and referring them.

Sherry P.Sherry P.

Glendale, AZ

1 friend    3 reviews

5.0 star rating   4/1/2013

I recently adopted a dog from animal control and brought Brody in for his FREE first visit and they were just great with him, so I scheduled an appointment for my daughters dog, Champ and the service was just as great.  They really gave both of the dogs very special attention, so now my son with be bringing Bobo in tomorrow and we will consider this clinic our new family pet doctor.  Thanks!

Abby D.Abby D.

Buckeye, AZ

 friends  1 review

5.0 star rating   12/30/2012

My experience with North Central Animal Hospital was extremely satisfying.  Received same day appointment for our dog who had a problem with her eyes and needed her annual shots  The staff were friendly, knowledgeable and informative.  They described in detail each procedure prior to performing the procedure.  They were gentle and caring with our dog.  Also, we received a follow-up call the next day inquiring about any adverse reactions or concerns.  I would highly recommend this animal hospital.

William P.William P.

Winslow, AZ

 friends  1 review

5.0 star rating   12/23/2012

The staff at North Central Animal Hospital were very friendly and knowledgeable.  My Eclectus Parrot Alex was having issues with feather mutilation, so I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Hillary Frank.  She was very thorough in her evaluation and explained everything that she was doing.  Through testing, the staff was able to narrow down the diagnosis and provide a plan to help Alex get better.  

I am very confident in the staff at North Central Animal Hospital, so much so that I travel three hours to get there from my home in Winslow.  I love that they are open on the weekends, it makes it so easy to schedule our appointments around my work schedule.  I will recommend North Central Animal Hospital to anyone I know.

Rhonna J.Rhonna J.

  • Phoenix, AZ
  •  friends  1 review

5.0 star rating   8/27/2012

I took my 2 dogs here a couple days ago for their rabies vaccinations, this place was awesome. The lady at the front desk answered all questions I had and they were good to my baby girl who is a little skiddish with strangers. I recommend them to others that are looking for a good vet. Thx NCAH for taking good care of my girls Lola and Luna:)

 Marc L.Marc L.

  • Phoenix, AZ
  • 5 friends  1 review

5.0 star rating   8/27/2012

Very helpful vet!
open weekends both days easy to get an appointment.
their after visit followup is excellent

Kelly W.Kelly W.

  • Glendale, AZ
  •  friends  2 reviews

5.0 star rating   8/13/2012

After calling my regular vets office and numerous other places, I was referred to NCAH by the last place I frantically called.  I found everyone to be the most helpful, friendly and caring people I've ever met.  My 22 year old tortoise was in dire need of emergency medical attention and I was seen immediately.  Dr. Frank was honest, knowledgable and caring and I felt a sense of peace when I was speaking with her.  She took X-rays and told me what her thoughts were, and what my options were.  Even when I asked her if this were her, what she would do, she said she honestly didn't know.  She explained that this particular surgery was out of her realm of expertise, and then went out of her way to call on my behalf to see if she could find a surgeon and a cost option for my tortoise.

The staff was helpful and caring and Heather was exceptionally nice when she explained how she herself felt about her animals when I made the decision to have my tortoise put down.  Wendy came in during our visit several times asking if we needed anything, and Rochelle was just as nice and pleasant while working at the front desk and checking us out.  There was another gal as well, but I didn't catch her name.  My point is; I have read some of the reviews on here and on the links they had given me, and couldn't believe that those people and I had gone to the same place as my experience was nothing like theirs.  I honestly feel that God placed me with the people that I needed to be with for the passing of my animal as it was an extremely emotional time for me.  I would highly recommend NCAH to anyone.

 Eliza T.Eliza T.

Glendale, AZ

 friends  2 reviews

5.0 star rating   4/3/2012

My puppy was very sick, and a friend highly recommended North Central animal hospital to me. So glad I went! Dr. Frank and her staff were very compassionate and very affordable. The hospital is clean, everyone is friendly, and truly cared about my puppys health. Now I highly recommend anyone to take their pet there. Thank you North Central!

Aj P.Aj P.

Chandler, AZ

 friends  1 review

5.0 star rating   2/24/2015

Dr. Frank is the most compassionate doctor for man or beast that I have ever met.

I say only four stars, though, because of the waits. They did not bother me, but they might bother some.

But if the time my little Birdie and I spent with Dr. Frank is any indication, I would imagine things get slowed up only because she is seeing to people's needs, and those of their pets.

She spent as much time with me as I needed when we had to put Birdie down, and I never felt rushed or harried. Their methods are gentle, and humane.

Thank you, North Central. Thank you, Dr. Frank.

Braddon D.Braddon D.

Phoenix, AZ

 friends  3 reviews

5.0 star rating   5/6/2014

I was impressed with how friendly the staff was towards me, but even more impressive was the love that they showed my little boy Tucker. He is a 1 year old mix, and HIGH energy. I took him to another vet before this and the doctor was completely put off by his happy hyperness. Dr. Frank loved it though! It was very refreshing. Her assistants were also very loving as well. Dr. Frank answered all of my questions thoroughly and made sure that she spent ample time with Tucker and I to show us quality care. 

Overall, I would recommend this vet.

Serena Y.Serena Y.

Avondale, AZ

 friends  1 review

5.0 star rating   1/7/2014

I was recomended to this hospital by a friend who said they work really well with handling exotics. I own a small rabbit and I brought her to the hospital when she was around 6 months old to get spayed. The staff was really friendly and everyone who handled her was very gentle. The total cost for everything that they recomended was almost $2000.00! They also said that most of the procedures they had listed were precautions and not totally necassary, which is what really made the total amount so much. That was the only part of our visit that was unpleasant, other than that it was great!

Natasha T.Natasha T.

Phoenix, AZ

 friends  1 review

5.0 star rating   12/15/2013

I took my new puppy for a shot.  They were very helpful and the hours are great.  We are going back.

Patsy P.Patsy P.

Phoenix, AZ

 friends  1 review

5.0 star rating   10/24/2013

I was referred to Dr. Frank for my bird.  Very complete and COSTLY! At first I questioned everything but now... I still question, but feel confident in her ablity to treat my birds!!   Thank you Dr. Frank

Jen A.Jen A.

Tempe, AZ

 friends  1 review

5.0 star rating   9/11/2012

I can't write this review based on other people's experiences, only my own, as a bird owner.  I have 2 zebra finches, one of which got a piece of thread wrapped around his foot after he unraveled a piece of fabric, and it was cutting off the circulation to his toes, becoming an emergency situation fairly quickly.  After being redirected by several other animal hospitals in the area who don't treat "exotic pets", North Central got me in quickly, as they have a bird specialist on-hand during the week and even Saturdays, which I found was rare.  The $95 base vet's fee I initially found a bit high for an animal as small as a finch, but I definitely recognized and appreciated the painstaking time and effort she took treating my bird... he has since fully recovered AND kept all his toes.  The vet and staff at this facility definitely know birds, which met my needs and those of my pet's to the full extent.


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